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ASAP at Wake Forest Football with Head Strength Coach Brandon Hourigan

July 8, 2018

Big things are happening at Wake Forest University, especially with Brandon Hourigan at the helm. The Director of Sports Performance for Football is beginning his sixth year in Winston~Salem, where the football program is coming off another very successful season that ended with a bowl victory over Texas A&M. Coach Hourigan is enjoying every bit of the action there in North Carolina, and with the construction that's under way of the new sports performance center.... things are going to get even better! The structure will contain new weight room training centers for football, Olympic sports, and the basketball teams, as well. In addition, there will be meeting rooms, coaches offices, and nutrition areas. Take notice, the "Deacs" are about to get better!

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Podcast Topics

* Off-Season Training

* Sports Nutrition 

* Workout structure

* new facility upgrades

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