ASAP PODCAST with Bengals’ Strength Coach Kim Wood (Ret.)

May 5, 2017

ASAP PODCASTER Ed Cicale traveled up the Clifton incline toward The University of Cincinnati, where just down the road, lives retired strength coach Kim Wood. He spent over thirty years with the Cincinnati Bengals and hung around with the legendary NFL coaching great, Paul Brown. During his coach days, Coach Wood took a stand against drugs in sports and hasn't backed down! In fact, he's more feisty than ever and has his sleeves rolled up to take on anyone who disagrees. He's old school in a new school NFL. If he was in charge, there'd be few drug problems and less glitzy training centers around. Interestingly, despite having a decent retirement nest and benefits, he's only mastered Maxwell House Instant Coffee in the days of Keurig Coffee Makers and French Presses!   His Facebook page is a tip-of-the hat to the days without smartphones, uploads and Tweets..... though done quite nicely using the Facebook 2017 format. His front yard has weightlifting decks should you feel the need to hoist and olde time barbell or Russian kettlebell. Out back, where some might have their Weber grill.... Coach Has a Lat-Pulldown pulldown machine. His home gym resembles a Swiss ski chalet with fine woods and lighting that cascades inside. Outside, giant evergreens keep the room shaded from the afternoon sun. Each room in his spacious home has training equipment, yes,  even the bedrooms.... some of which is highly regarded as collector items by museum types but for Kim, just basic stuff for a daily training regimen. Like good music during the workout? He's in possession of over 10,000 record albums and music CDs. Fancy cars? Nope..... just a 1989 Chevrolet Silverado pick-up truck with lapbelt seatbelts and some giant weight plates laying in the truck bed.  

He loves football, but sometimes doesn't care for the direction that it's headed. Especially when it comes to the safety of the players. Coach Wood has seen many of his former players and friends encounter difficult times as they've aged and believes that the game's forces and hits that they came across while playing, are directly responsible for their present condition. Therefore, he's continuing his stance that more has to be done:
*more research on the brain as it relates to football

*further advanced training of the head and neck to further prepare the players' bodies for the violent contact.

The longtime coach and Nautilus training advocate was also one of the original founders of the world renowned HAMMER STRENGTH training equipment. 

Presently, he's well known for his annual head & neck training clinics and though he's placing those clinics on the shelf, he'll surface this summer (July 21 and 22, 2017) in a new location within Cincinnati, Ohio and a fresher topic and updated theme.
Here's the May 2017 Kim Wood Podcast: