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ASAP Podcast with Duke Football Asst Sports Performance Coach Drew McDuffie

September 3, 2019

ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power rolled back into Durham, North Carolina to check in with the Duke University Football program strength and conditioning program and Head Strength Coach Noel Durfey. While we were there for this trip, we cornered the guy who works with the Duke quarterbacks..... Assistant Sports Performance for Football Coach Drew McDuffie. We have to think that he's been doing a great job there, he started perfecting his craft while working with the Clemson Tigers and after working tirelessly with the 6th pick overall in the 2019 NFL Draft Daniel Jones we definitely took notice.

So, check out this ASAP PODCAST with Coach Drew McDuffie (photo right). Today's podcast is brought to you by SPECATHLETIC   The sports flooring with the highly acclaimed ®Regupol technology.


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