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ASAP Podcast with TEAMBUILDR Founder Hewitt Tomlin

May 17, 2020

TEAMBUILDR, one of our longtime ASAP sponsors, has continued to make some great strides in the strength training and conditioning business, even during a COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, their industry leading online strength & conditioning software has become even more of a game changer for strength coaches everywhere.  While the Tennessee Vols, West Virginia Mountaineers and the Golden State Warriors strength and conditioning programs have been major players who have reaped the rewards of using TEAMBUILDR, many other high schools, college programs and professional teams are now under the TEAMBUILDR umbrella. And as a matter of fact, the most fiscally successful and most prominent collegiate athletic program in all of sports, the Ohio State University Buckeyes, have signed on with Hewitt Tomlin's TEAMBUILDR, as Coach Mickey Marotti is delving into the software.

In the ASAP Podcast, our initial attempt at a ZOOM recording, TEAMBUILDR founder Hewitt Tomlin explains the many advantages of using this powerful coaching tool, which is becoming even more beneficial during a shutdown that has left a strength coaching fraternity scrambling for ways to train their athletes from a distance.

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