OSU Buckeyes’ Football Sports Nutrition with Sean McMickle

November 4, 2016

The field of Sports Nutrition is on the grow. College and professional teams are not only seeking advice from nutritionists for their teams, but they're hiring full-time dietitians to direct programs that apply the science of nutrition to enhance their athletes' performances.

I made another trip to The Ohio State University to get first hand information from OSU's expert on dietetics for football performance, Sean McMickle. We talked extensively on the ever-evolving program at one of the nation's most highly revered football programs. McMickle, is a key figure as a performance team member established by Head Football Coach Urban Meyer and Asst' A.D. for Football Sports Performance Director  Mickey Marotti. 
In this podcast, we discussed:
  • the OSU Football performance team
  • Methods of feeding the Buckeye Football Machine
  • choosing meats wisely for optimal sports enhancement
  • Typical Buckeye Breakfast
  • expanding the sports nutrition at OSU
  • OSU's  nutrition Master's program
  • Buckeye "Victory Meal"
  • a super calorie weight gain smoothie
  • OSU Football Sports Nutrition social media 
If you missed our previous podcast, here's the link: PODCAST