North Carolina State University Nate Brookreson: Dir of Strength & Conditioning Olympic Sports & Craig Turner

June 18, 2018
The ASAP Road Show was at it again. This time we ventured down to Raleigh, North Carolina to talk to the NCSU Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports, Nate Brookreson. Nate was able to share a lot of information about RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion and also about the markers that they use when The ASAP Road Show was at it again. This time we ventured down to Raleigh, North Carolina to talk to the NCSU Director of Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports, Nate Brookreson. Nate was able to share a lot of information about RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion and also about the markers that they use when analyzing performance training.
We also had a chance to conduct this podcast with Craig Turner, who is originally from Oldham, England. He holds both his BS (Hons) in science and football, as well as a PhD (an investigation into the sleeping patterns of youth soccer players during the competitive season) from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Additionally, Craig is a certified strength & conditioning coach (NSCA), a BASES accredited sport & exercise scientist.
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Purdue Boilermaker Football Strength Training / ASAP Podcast with Coach Justin Lovett

June 3, 2018
We headed north on I-65 out of Indianapolis. After a couple of back roads, ASAP arrived on the scene in West Lafayette and the campus of Purdue University.... well known for its engineering curricula. It's a prestigious university with stringent academic standards. It's also an original member of the Big Ten Conference (though known as the Western Conference in 1896), so they've been playing football there for a long time! Recently, the Boilermakers have had a resurgence under their head coach Jeff Brohm, who has the team's and fan's attention, especially after a seven win inaugural season and a Bowl victory over the Arizona Wildcats. 
That kind of turnaround doesn't get accomplished without a serious training regimen. Enter Purdue's Director of Football Strength & Conditioning Justin Lovett. He's embraced his opportunity under Coach Brohm and has the Boilermakers going full steam ahead in their brand new football performance center.
ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power, had to check it out! The place is astounding and the training is real! I sat down in Coach Lovett's office and fired up the recorder for this ASAP Podcast (technical difficulty with the recording) and gained some insight into this up and coming Big Ten program!
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The ASAP / Mary Wineberg Olympic Gold Podcast Re-release (2018)

April 10, 2018

One of our most popularly downloaded ASAP Podcasts has been our inspirational conversation with Olympian and gold medalist Mary Wineberg. Originally, this recording was released in three parts on the ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power website

Today, for the first time, this motivational interview is being released as a one part format, digitally remastered version!

Go for the Gold!!!

Mary Wineberg flanked on the left by former Cincinnati Bearcat team captain and presently  ASAP~Northern Kentucky Owner Doug Monaghan, and on the right, that's the former 7 year NFL veteran (Super Bowl) Rocky Boiman.


ASAP Podcast with Ohio State Football Physical Therapist Adam Stewart

February 26, 2018

ASAP Podcast with Ohio State Football Head Physical Therapist Adam Stewart. ASAP visited The Ohio State Football in February and caught Adam Stewart right before he had to head to a lecture hall to instruct a class. Adam explained how a physical therapist is involved with the team and what goes on during the off-season with the players. He also shares his thoughts on what the intangibles are for doing his job with the Buckeyes.

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ASAP Podcast with Toledo Rockets Head Football Strength Coach Brad Bichey

February 15, 2018

For this ASAP Podcast, we traveled I-75 just about to its Ohio-Michigan border, crossed over the Maumee River to the University of Toledo. it's a pretty cool looking campus because just about all of the buildings are constructed with the same Indiana limestone. In fact, much of the football stadium, called the Glass Bowl, utilizes the same rock. Great looking college campus. And a couple of miles away is where our nutritional fuel-up took place.... a little place called Scrambler Marie's. And that's where to go for a really great breakfast. REAL. And that's the way we keep it on our ASAP Road Trips.

Today's Podcast catches us up with what's going on at this MAC Conference perennial standout


ASAP at Cincinnati Bearcats Football Strength Off-Season 2018 #CATS in Training Coach Brady Collins Podcast

February 1, 2018

It's year two getting kicked off for the Cincinnati Bearcats football strength staff. Last year they put down a foothold and the foundation is starting to take establish. And as the University of Cincinnati Director of Football Sports Performance, Brady Collins continues to develop the players in the bubble at U.C., the Head Football Coach, Luke Fickell, is out pounding the pavement and signing up top rated recruiting classes. The future is looking reallybright on the Clifton campus, where Mick Cronin's basketball squad is presently ranked in the nation's top ten. The football Bearcats have themselves a great goal to work for. Their 2018 opener has them scheduled in the Rose Bowl stadium for a match-up against the UCLA Bruins

But in the mean time. It's grind time with the brotherhood! Here's a few pics from last week's training session and an update ASAP Podcast with Coach Brady Collins! This ASAP Podcast is brought to you by AlphaDog Sports.... your one stop shop for all of your athletic training equipment needs!



ASAP Podcast: Brandon Hourigan Director of Sports Performance for Football @ Wake Forest University

January 30, 2018

During the summer workouts of 2017, ASAP traveled to Winston~Salem, North Carolina to talk strength training with Coach Brandon Hourigan. He told us all about the happeneings at Wake Forest and the great plans of their athletics expansion that includes a new sports performance center that is currently under construction. It will contain new weight room training centers for football, olympic sports, and the basketball teams, as well. In addition, there will be meeting rooms, coaches offices, and nutrition areas. 

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Brandon Hourigan is in his second season as a Director of Sports Performance at Wake Forest. The 2015-16 season will be his eighth season working with head coach Dave Clawson. Hourigan came to Wake Forest after three seasons with Clawson at Bowling Green. He was responsible for overseeing the strength and conditioning for all 18 sports at BGSU.

Hourigan brings with him a vast array of experience with multiple sports from his time at Bowling Green, Virginia, Richmond and Northeastern. In 2009-10, he served as the Head Strength and Conditioning coach at Virginia, where he worked closely with the football program.

Prior to Virginia, he was the head strength and conditioning coach for football at Richmond from 2005-08, where he also worked with head coach Dave Clawson for three seasons (2005-07). He oversaw all of the fitness duties for the Spiders, who won the 2008 NCAA Football Championship Subdivision title. Hourigan also worked with multiple other sports during his time at Richmond.

Before his appointment in Richmond, Hourigan was the assistant coordinator of speed, strength and conditioning at Northeastern University. He worked with the Huskies' football, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's hockey, volleyball, men's and women's soccer and men's and women's track and field programs.

Hourigan has also worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach on the collegiate level at Arizona (2001) and Clemson (1998-99). He also served as a strength and conditioning intern for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL in 1999.

Hourigan graduated with a bachelor of sciences in physical education from Plymouth State University where he was a four-year letterwinner in football. At Clemson, he completed work toward a masters of sciences in guidance and counseling.

Hourigan is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the United States Weight Lifting Association and has both his First Aid and CPR certification.


ASAP Podcast with DR. Robert Burger M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Specialty

December 17, 2017

ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power Podcasts caught up with Dr. Robert Burger a few years ago at the football symposium held at Beacon Orthopedics West in Cincinnati. In this podcast, Dr. Burger talks about his background and what led him to the foreground of orthopedic surgery, with specialty to sports medicine, in the midwest. He also speaks about the more prevalent injuries found in athletics today and the rehabilitation of those injuries.

Dr Burger was a former Notre Dame Fighting Irish football player who worked himself into the starting line-up on a team that had Joe Montana as their starting quarterback. The hard work that Burger embraced, earned him an opportunity for a National Championship with that squad! Years later, Dr. Burger's son Bobby made the Notre Dame team as a tight end. Another son, Chris starred at Xavier University in Cincinnati as a Captain of the golf team. Meanwhile, another son, Joe Burger, starred at Ohio State Football, also playing for a National Chamionship in 2014. Later, the 5 time OSU scholar athlete was elected Captain for the 2016 Buckeyes.




ASAP Podcast with Univ of Maryland Sports Dietitian Jordan Jennewine

October 30, 2017
The University of Maryland is moving towards becoming one of the most progressive athletics programs in all of college sports. The Assistant Athletic Director for Football Sports Performance is Rick Court and he's a guy on a mission. Coach Rick Court is changing the whole deal in College Park, Maryland. It ain't playtime..... more like pay time! The new Head Football Coach D.J. Durkin hired the fiery coach to instill a whole new training culture and attitude, and inspire the Maryland Terrapins to a different echelon in Big Ten Conference play. 
Their newly refurbished Cole Field House is already paying dividends in College Park, Maryland. And, it's not even completely finished yet!
One major hire to Coach Court's staff was the addition of the Terrapins' sports dietitian. Jordan Jennewine, an R.D. (Registered Dietitian) is part of a culture change at the university and has already forged a positive impact. Her knowledgeable educational background, coupled with being a former track star, allowed her to hit the ground running and help get the University of Maryland Terrapins football squad to become a competitive force in the Big Ten Conference.
Find out how Jordan Jennewine makes it happen at UM and also the process of becoming a Sports Nutritionist. Oh, and she's revealed one of the team's favorite smoothie recipes..... one that she created!
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ASAP Podcast with Maryland Terrapins’ Performance Coordinator Mason Baggett

July 11, 2017

Take one step into the University of Maryland's Football Strength & Conditioning facility and you'll be ready to grab a trapbar or attempt a set of logbar bench presses. Stuff can get crazy in there with the Assistant A.D. for Football Sports Performance Rick Court, who seemingly can be in multiple places at one time. His enthusiasm is infectious and the Terrapins are beginning to show evidence of over a year under Coach Court's watchful eyes. Not much gets past him and you'd best bring your "A" game or things could go south real quickly. The players are feeling the love. They're also starting to look like bigtime college football players. Coach Rick Court has orchestrated this scenario with Head Football Coach D.J. Durkin and together they have huge plans for the program at Maryland.

Of the many things that Court has under his umbrella, one big part is adding Mason Baggett as the team's Football Performance Coordinator. This move propels Maryland Football in unison with current sports science models. Bi-weekly meetings with the Sports Med Dept, the team nutritionist, academics as well as strength training operations and strength staff professional development keep Coach Baggett on the constant go. And, let's not forget his personal workout time that allows him to try to stay a step in front of the young Terrapins. As a matter of fact, myself and NFL sports science tracking data expert Ted Lambrinides, witnessed Mason perform a reverse heavy ball toss from the 10 yard line that sailed over the crossbar! 

Coach Baggett and I sat down in the Maryland Football Tight-Ends room to record this ASAP Podcast during our visit to College Park last week. Also, Coach Court, Baggett, Lambrinides and myself donned construction site hard hats for an exclusive tour of the renovation progress of the venerable Cole Fieldhouse, a 200 million dollar undertaking that promises to be one of the top training facilities in the world. Stop back to our ASAP website for facility update photos. 

For now, here's the ASAP Podcast with Coach Mason Baggett.


ASAP Podcast with Stephanie Horvath R.D. Tennessee Vols Football Team Nutritionist

July 1, 2017

The sports nutrition side of training for athletics has become a large slice of the pie in collegiate sports. Its importance is now thought of as a key factor in the overall development of athletes. Poor eating habits coupled with poor food choices is a double whammy against optimal growth. College coaches have a four to maybe five year window of opportunity to develop their athletes to their potential. And, of course, in some instances where a superb athlete may make the jump to professional sports, that time frame might even be shorter. Therefore, it's quite critical to begin the developmental process as soon as the athlete lands on campus. It's no longer a "Hey.... be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables" world. There's too much on the line.

ASAP went to The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and sat down at the table with Stephanie Horvath, who is the Director of Performance Nutrition at the storied Southeastern Conference football power where there are six National Championship banners in tow. A pretty impressive fact of college football history and Head Football Coach Butch Jones would like to make it a seventh one day. The Tennessee Volunteers' fan base has a huge amount of pride in the 'orange and white' and has high expectations. So to keep the progress rising, the the Vols will need every edge that they can get! That's where Stephanie Horvath enters the picture. Being a former Division 1 athlete herself, she understands the whole deal and how properly fueling the athletic body can give an athlete the edge that they desire. Since the coaches look for any advantage that they can attain, the nutrition aspect could be a difference maker and lead to a winning performance.  The fact that Stephanie was a member of the Indiana Hoosiers Rowing squad, she learned the value of proper fueling for athletics. It served as a catalyst for her career that landed her at Ol' Rocky Top and directing the sports nutrition program at U.T.. The athletes there are extremely glad she's now in Knoxville. Me too! Because, I got to try one of her Strawberry/Vanilla smoothies and it's a winner! Go Vols!

In this podcast, Stephanie shares her story of how she was able to encounter such a great opportunity with the Tennessee program. Even better, she explains some great tips for becoming a well educated athlete and some of the requirements for fueling those athletic endeavors!


ASAP PODCAST with Bengals’ Strength Coach Kim Wood (Ret.)

May 5, 2017

ASAP PODCASTER Ed Cicale traveled up the Clifton incline toward The University of Cincinnati, where just down the road, lives retired strength coach Kim Wood. He spent over thirty years with the Cincinnati Bengals and hung around with the legendary NFL coaching great, Paul Brown. During his coach days, Coach Wood took a stand against drugs in sports and hasn't backed down! In fact, he's more feisty than ever and has his sleeves rolled up to take on anyone who disagrees. He's old school in a new school NFL. If he was in charge, there'd be few drug problems and less glitzy training centers around. Interestingly, despite having a decent retirement nest and benefits, he's only mastered Maxwell House Instant Coffee in the days of Keurig Coffee Makers and French Presses!   His Facebook page is a tip-of-the hat to the days without smartphones, uploads and Tweets..... though done quite nicely using the Facebook 2017 format. His front yard has weightlifting decks should you feel the need to hoist and olde time barbell or Russian kettlebell. Out back, where some might have their Weber grill.... Coach Has a Lat-Pulldown pulldown machine. His home gym resembles a Swiss ski chalet with fine woods and lighting that cascades inside. Outside, giant evergreens keep the room shaded from the afternoon sun. Each room in his spacious home has training equipment, yes,  even the bedrooms.... some of which is highly regarded as collector items by museum types but for Kim, just basic stuff for a daily training regimen. Like good music during the workout? He's in possession of over 10,000 record albums and music CDs. Fancy cars? Nope..... just a 1989 Chevrolet Silverado pick-up truck with lapbelt seatbelts and some giant weight plates laying in the truck bed.  

He loves football, but sometimes doesn't care for the direction that it's headed. Especially when it comes to the safety of the players. Coach Wood has seen many of his former players and friends encounter difficult times as they've aged and believes that the game's forces and hits that they came across while playing, are directly responsible for their present condition. Therefore, he's continuing his stance that more has to be done:
*more research on the brain as it relates to football

*further advanced training of the head and neck to further prepare the players' bodies for the violent contact.

The longtime coach and Nautilus training advocate was also one of the original founders of the world renowned HAMMER STRENGTH training equipment. 

Presently, he's well known for his annual head & neck training clinics and though he's placing those clinics on the shelf, he'll surface this summer (July 21 and 22, 2017) in a new location within Cincinnati, Ohio and a fresher topic and updated theme.
Here's the May 2017 Kim Wood Podcast:

ASAP Podcast with CINCINNATI BEARCATS Director of Football Sports Performance Brady Collins

April 30, 2017

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There's construction going on at the University of Cincinnati. Yes, The Fifth/Third Arena is undergoing a huge renovation...... but, the UC Bearcat Football team is under new direction after their hire of Head Football Coach Luke Fickell and the squad is under construction, too. Enter Coach Brady Collins. He's the guy that Coach Fickell has entrusted to lead his young Bearcats as the Director of  Football Sports Performance. Once Fickell had landed from the short flight south of Columbus, Ohio, he summoned Collins  for the task. Coach Collins has been well schooled for the assignment, as he spent a few years at the University of Kentucky with Ray "ROCK" Oliver and Ted Lambrinides. From there, he made his way south and deeper into SEC Football at Mississippi State at first with Matt Balis and then under Rick Court. Then it was on to Columbus and the Ohio State Buckeyes where he worked under Master Strength Coach Mickey Marotti. What a ton of great athletes and coaches whom Brady Collins has been around! 

Podcast discussion points:



ASAP Podcast with West Virginia Mountaineers Asst. Director of Strength & Conditioning Darl Bauer

March 11, 2017

IMG_1398qOne of the featured speakers at the 34th Annual University of Tennessee Strength & Conditioning Clinic was Coach Darl Bauer. He's the Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning for the West Virginia Mountaineers Football Team. You've probably seen him in several of our ASAP Videos and he has become a sought after speaker for several clinics, including Coach Kim Wood's FOOTBALL STRENGTH CLINICS.   


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ASAP Podcast with Univ. of Tennessee #Vols Asst. Strength Coach Greg Adamson

March 10, 2017

When it's 75 degrees in February, life is good! Even better if you're in Knoxville, Tennessee at the home of the U.T. #VOLS.  ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power~ caught up with Greg Adamson, an assistant strength & conditioning coach for the University of Tennessee Volunteers for this ASAP Podcast. He works with over one hundred and twenty athletes from such sports as: 

  • Soccer
  • Men's and Women's Swimming
  • Rowing

ImagesCoach Adamson, has a great grasp for adapting to taking on the training of multiple sports. His role at UT has evolved over the years as he originally came down to Tennessee with Coach Dave Lawson to train the Vols football squad. Soon, Greg will be training his athletes in a completely new and refurbished strength training complex and implementing the ever changing techniques and applications of sports science to help fully develop his teams as they try to compete for Southeastern Conference (SEC) and ultimately, National Championships. 

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ASAP Podcast with Toledo Rockets Director of Football Strength: Brad Bichey

February 26, 2017

For this ASAP Podcast, we traveled I-75 just about to its Ohio-Michigan border, crossed over the Maumee River to the University of Toledo. it's a pretty cool looking campus because just about all of the buildings are constructed with the same Indiana limestone. In fact, much of the football stadium, called the Glass Bowl, utilizes the same rock. Great looking college campus.  And a couple of miles away is where our nutritional fuel-up took place.... a little place called Scrambler Marie's. And that's where to go for a really great breakfast. REAL. And that's the way we keep it on our ASAP Roadtrips.

While speaking with Brad Bichey, the Rocket's Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football, decorations that included hearts and flowers and chocolates were all being cleaned up and put away. Coach Bichey and his staff had just celebrated Valentines day with the football squad! A special workout just for the players. It's a little workout plan that he picked up off one of his coaching mentors, Ohio State's Mickey Marotti

For today's podcast, brought to you by TEAMBUILDR  just click the PLAY button to hear all about it...and about the training program used by the Toledo Rockets. ALso, take note of the squat tips that Coach Brad Bichey gave out!


ASAP Podcast with Bowling Green State Univ. Dir. of Strength & Conditioning Kenny Goodrich

February 17, 2017

ASAP made the visit to Bowling Green State University to check in on the Director of Strength & Conditioning Kenny Goodrich. In our ASAP Podcast Coach Goodrich shared great information about how he runs a program at a school that has 18 sports.... and they all have a need to train! Coach Goodrich figures it out and does it through his skills and understanding of interpersonal relationship building with the many coaches and athletes. Kenny has an infectious love of his profession and the BGSU Falcon athletes are blessed to have a dedicated and knowledgeable coach like him.


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ASAP Basketball Strength Podcast with South Carolina Gamecocks’ Coach Scott Greenawalt

November 21, 2016
University of South Carolina Director of Basketball Strength Training, Scott Greenawalt, joins ASAP Podcast guy Ed Cicale in this thorough discussion on strength training for basketball. Gamecocks' Head Basketball Coach Frank Martin entrusts in Greenawalt, a coach who earns the respect of the players that he monitors on a day to day basis. 

OSU Buckeyes’ Football Sports Nutrition with Sean McMickle

November 4, 2016

The field of Sports Nutrition is on the grow. College and professional teams are not only seeking advice from nutritionists for their teams, but they're hiring full-time dietitians to direct programs that apply the science of nutrition to enhance their athletes' performances.

I made another trip to The Ohio State University to get first hand information from OSU's expert on dietetics for football performance, Sean McMickle. We talked extensively on the ever-evolving program at one of the nation's most highly revered football programs. McMickle, is a key figure as a performance team member established by Head Football Coach Urban Meyer and Asst' A.D. for Football Sports Performance Director  Mickey Marotti. 
In this podcast, we discussed:
  • the OSU Football performance team
  • Methods of feeding the Buckeye Football Machine
  • choosing meats wisely for optimal sports enhancement
  • Typical Buckeye Breakfast
  • expanding the sports nutrition at OSU
  • OSU's  nutrition Master's program
  • Buckeye "Victory Meal"
  • a super calorie weight gain smoothie
  • OSU Football Sports Nutrition social media 
If you missed our previous podcast, here's the link: PODCAST