ASAP Podcast with CINCINNATI BEARCATS Director of Football Sports Performance Brady Collins

April 30, 2017

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There's construction going on at the University of Cincinnati. Yes, The Fifth/Third Arena is undergoing a huge renovation...... but, the UC Bearcat Football team is under new direction after their hire of Head Football Coach Luke Fickell and the squad is under construction, too. Enter Coach Brady Collins. He's the guy that Coach Fickell has entrusted to lead his young Bearcats as the Director of  Football Sports Performance. Once Fickell had landed from the short flight south of Columbus, Ohio, he summoned Collins  for the task. Coach Collins has been well schooled for the assignment, as he spent a few years at the University of Kentucky with Ray "ROCK" Oliver and Ted Lambrinides. From there, he made his way south and deeper into SEC Football at Mississippi State at first with Matt Balis and then under Rick Court. Then it was on to Columbus and the Ohio State Buckeyes where he worked under Master Strength Coach Mickey Marotti. What a ton of great athletes and coaches whom Brady Collins has been around! 

Podcast discussion points:



ASAP Podcast with West Virginia Mountaineers Asst. Director of Strength & Conditioning Darl Bauer

March 11, 2017

IMG_1398qOne of the featured speakers at the 34th Annual University of Tennessee Strength & Conditioning Clinic was Coach Darl Bauer. He's the Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning for the West Virginia Mountaineers Football Team. You've probably seen him in several of our ASAP Videos and he has become a sought after speaker for several clinics, including Coach Kim Wood's FOOTBALL STRENGTH CLINICS.   


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ASAP Podcast with Univ. of Tennessee #Vols Asst. Strength Coach Greg Adamson

March 10, 2017

When it's 75 degrees in February, life is good! Even better if you're in Knoxville, Tennessee at the home of the U.T. #VOLS.  ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power~ caught up with Greg Adamson, an assistant strength & conditioning coach for the University of Tennessee Volunteers for this ASAP Podcast. He works with over one hundred and twenty athletes from such sports as: 

  • Soccer
  • Men's and Women's Swimming
  • Rowing

ImagesCoach Adamson, has a great grasp for adapting to taking on the training of multiple sports. His role at UT has evolved over the years as he originally came down to Tennessee with Coach Dave Lawson to train the Vols football squad. Soon, Greg will be training his athletes in a completely new and refurbished strength training complex and implementing the ever changing techniques and applications of sports science to help fully develop his teams as they try to compete for Southeastern Conference (SEC) and ultimately, National Championships. 

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ASAP Podcast with Toledo Rockets Director of Football Strength: Brad Bichey

February 26, 2017

For this ASAP Podcast, we traveled I-75 just about to its Ohio-Michigan border, crossed over the Maumee River to the University of Toledo. it's a pretty cool looking campus because just about all of the buildings are constructed with the same Indiana limestone. In fact, much of the football stadium, called the Glass Bowl, utilizes the same rock. Great looking college campus.  And a couple of miles away is where our nutritional fuel-up took place.... a little place called Scrambler Marie's. And that's where to go for a really great breakfast. REAL. And that's the way we keep it on our ASAP Roadtrips.

While speaking with Brad Bichey, the Rocket's Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football, decorations that included hearts and flowers and chocolates were all being cleaned up and put away. Coach Bichey and his staff had just celebrated Valentines day with the football squad! A special workout just for the players. It's a little workout plan that he picked up off one of his coaching mentors, Ohio State's Mickey Marotti

For today's podcast, brought to you by TEAMBUILDR  just click the PLAY button to hear all about it...and about the training program used by the Toledo Rockets. ALso, take note of the squat tips that Coach Brad Bichey gave out!


ASAP Podcast with Bowling Green State Univ. Dir. of Strength & Conditioning Kenny Goodrich

February 17, 2017

ASAP made the visit to Bowling Green State University to check in on the Director of Strength & Conditioning Kenny Goodrich. In our ASAP Podcast Coach Goodrich shared great information about how he runs a program at a school that has 18 sports.... and they all have a need to train! Coach Goodrich figures it out and does it through his skills and understanding of interpersonal relationship building with the many coaches and athletes. Kenny has an infectious love of his profession and the BGSU Falcon athletes are blessed to have a dedicated and knowledgeable coach like him.


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ASAP Basketball Strength Podcast with South Carolina Gamecocks’ Coach Scott Greenawalt

November 21, 2016
University of South Carolina Director of Basketball Strength Training, Scott Greenawalt, joins ASAP Podcast guy Ed Cicale in this thorough discussion on strength training for basketball. Gamecocks' Head Basketball Coach Frank Martin entrusts in Greenawalt, a coach who earns the respect of the players that he monitors on a day to day basis. 

OSU Buckeyes’ Football Sports Nutrition with Sean McMickle

November 4, 2016

The field of Sports Nutrition is on the grow. College and professional teams are not only seeking advice from nutritionists for their teams, but they're hiring full-time dietitians to direct programs that apply the science of nutrition to enhance their athletes' performances.

I made another trip to The Ohio State University to get first hand information from OSU's expert on dietetics for football performance, Sean McMickle. We talked extensively on the ever-evolving program at one of the nation's most highly revered football programs. McMickle, is a key figure as a performance team member established by Head Football Coach Urban Meyer and Asst' A.D. for Football Sports Performance Director  Mickey Marotti. 
In this podcast, we discussed:
  • the OSU Football performance team
  • Methods of feeding the Buckeye Football Machine
  • choosing meats wisely for optimal sports enhancement
  • Typical Buckeye Breakfast
  • expanding the sports nutrition at OSU
  • OSU's  nutrition Master's program
  • Buckeye "Victory Meal"
  • a super calorie weight gain smoothie
  • OSU Football Sports Nutrition social media 
If you missed our previous podcast, here's the link: PODCAST


ASAP Basketball Training Podcast with Kentucky Wildcats’ Strength Coach Robert Harris

October 6, 2016
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As usual, ASAP Podcasts only settle for the top professionals in the business. And in this case, nothing changes..... straight to the pinnacle. College basketball's all time winningest program! We went right to the head of the class for this one. We have been to Lexington previously as we have always been in close contact with Coach Ray "Rock" Oliver. But Rock has moved up to an administration role at Kentucky. Nowadays, the man in charge of training the elite players that Head Coach John Calipari recruits for the Kentucky Wildcats is Coach Robert Harris. He took over after a stint as the assistant for Coach Oliver and the transition has been as smooth as an uncontested Wildcat layup. Harris knows the ropes and knows how to motivate top level athletes to push themselves. His background also had stops at Arkansas and even spent some time working with NFL players just up I-75 North at the Cincinnati Bengals, where he learned and gathered some insights under Coach Chip Morton. 


ASAP Podcast with Strength Coach Dave Andrews: Pitt Panther Football 2016

September 26, 2016

ASAP Podcast at the University of Pittsburgh with Pitt Panthers Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave Andrews. 


ASAP Podcast with Coach Rick Court @ The University of Maryland

September 8, 2016

Our 2016 ASAP Podcast with The Asst. Athletic Director for Football Sports Performance: Coach Rick Court


Clemson Tiger Strength Talk with Veteran Asst’ Director of Football Strength Training Larry Greenlee

August 24, 2016

Here's our exclusive ASAP Podcast with Clemson Football's Asst. Director of Strength & Conditioning, Larry Greenlee.  


ASAP Podcast at the University of South Carolina Gamecocks with Director of Football Strength Jeff Dillman

August 5, 2016

It was warming up in Columbia, South Carolina during the ASAP SEC Strength Tour..... as it neared 100 degrees. But the palm trees nearby and comfy AC in the University of South Carolina Gamecocks' football strength training center made it all worth it as we got to see the Director of Football Strength & Conditioning, Jeff Dillman. 

Coach Dillman and his staff rolled out the garnet and black carpet for ASAP as we got an insiders look at how the "Iron Gamecocks" go about their training regime. We captured pics, video and this podcast and also got to have a few pieces of bubble gum, too! 

ASAP at Georgia State Panthers Strength with Coach Scott Holsopple

July 30, 2016

ASAP made its way to the ATL to check in on the fast growing program at Georgia State University. It's located right in the heart of downtown Atlanta and is home to around 50,000 students! So by enrollment numbers it's the largest college in Georgia. The athletics program is a member of the Sunbelt Conference and the Panther Football squad won their first bowl game last year after only 6 years of existence. Not bad. 

Scott Holsopple is the head strength and conditioning coach for the Panthers and you won't find a more dedicated coach. He stations himself in a loft apartment just a mile or two away from the facility and he has definitely has a grasp on the dining scene in downtown. Let's start with his great suggestion of catching brunch at Ria's Bluebird...where The New York Times Review rated their  pancakes as "world's finest". They were!
Coach Holsopple joined us a few months ago for an ASAP Podcast that was recorded at the Hammer Strength Clinic Battleground Academy Tennessee.
In this podcast, Scott discusses his background, what's going on at Georgia State Football, their brand new strength training center, the conditioning day, and the progress the team has made as they prep for the 2016 season.

ASAP Podcast at Mississippi State Bulldogs with Sports Dietitian Kelly White

July 30, 2016

There's a lot of talk and writing about the Paleo Diet and it's almost a Gluten-Free world that we live in now...... or is it? And what is the big deal about gluten? And for that matter, the Paleo Diet? What is a Paleo Diet?

In this ASAP Podcast, which was recorded at the Leo Seals Jr. Football Complex on the campus of Mississippi State University, we reached out to the MSU Bulldogs' Sports Dietitian Kelly White. She has joined us in the past for this popular ASAP Podcast. In this podcast, we get to the heart of the previously stated issues!
Please excuse our technical issue with regards to the recording quality

ASAP Podcast at Mississippi State Bulldogs with Coach Nick Savage

July 26, 2016

ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power headed down to Starkville, Mississippi. No, we didn't wait for a cool off. We like to get down there to feel,  first hand, the SEC heat! So after a dinner the night before at Oby's, that included some alligator poboys, we settled in at the newest Marriott in town to get ready to see the 'Dawgs in a morning training session. After the workout, we tracked down new Head Strength And Conditioning Coach Nick Savage, who is midway through his first year at Mississippi State University.


ASAP Podcast with Strength Coach Paul Longo: University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish

July 24, 2016

ASAP~Athletic Strength And Power recently caught up with the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Fighting Irish of The University of Notre Dame. 
We discussed:

  • Hip Mobility
  • Freshman orientation process and functional motion screening
  • Split Training set-up at Notre Dame
  • Strength,Speed & Conditioning Days
  • Dynamic Speed Days

ASAP Podcast with Strength Coach Ron McKeefery Eastern Michigan Univ.

July 2, 2016

Coach Ron McKeefery is a long time professional in the business of strength training & Conditioning. He's spent time at the University of South Florida, the University of Tennessee Vols, some stints as an assistant with some NFL teams , and he's presently the Head Strength Coach at Eastern Michigan. 6a00d83453dfa869e201b8d200a895970c-pi


Football Nutrition with Ohio State Football Dietitian Sean McMickle

June 22, 2016
ASAP Podcast with Ohio State Football Sports Nutrition/ Dietitian Sean McMickle. 
In this podcast we discussed:
  • path to becoming a sports dietitian
  • How to eat like a Buckeye Football Player
  • Great foods to help you recover from training sessions
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Sugar! 
  • Smoothie recipe! 

ASAP Podcast with Strength Coach Aaron Hillmann

June 14, 2016

June 2016 Podcast with veteran Strength & Conditioning Coach Aaron Hillmann.