ASAP Podcast with Univ of Maryland Sports Dietitian Jordan Jennewine

October 30, 2017
The University of Maryland is moving towards becoming one of the most progressive athletics programs in all of college sports. The Assistant Athletic Director for Football Sports Performance is Rick Court and he's a guy on a mission. Coach Rick Court is changing the whole deal in College Park, Maryland. It ain't playtime..... more like pay time! The new Head Football Coach D.J. Durkin hired the fiery coach to instill a whole new training culture and attitude, and inspire the Maryland Terrapins to a different echelon in Big Ten Conference play. 
Their newly refurbished Cole Field House is already paying dividends in College Park, Maryland. And, it's not even completely finished yet!
One major hire to Coach Court's staff was the addition of the Terrapins' sports dietitian. Jordan Jennewine, an R.D. (Registered Dietitian) is part of a culture change at the university and has already forged a positive impact. Her knowledgeable educational background, coupled with being a former track star, allowed her to hit the ground running and help get the University of Maryland Terrapins football squad to become a competitive force in the Big Ten Conference.
Find out how Jordan Jennewine makes it happen at UM and also the process of becoming a Sports Nutritionist. Oh, and she's revealed one of the team's favorite smoothie recipes..... one that she created!
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