The Kim Wood April 2015 Podcast

April 1, 2015

Do you have a vintage 1905 barbell in your kitchen? Kettle bells right next to them... strength training equipment throughout your home? Well, if you're the retired Cincinnati Bengal Strength Coach Kim Wood, you do! Football and strength training have been intertwined into his life. He spent thirty years training NFL Players.... lived the life.... working for Paul Brown....Forrest Gregg... Dick LeBeau Sam Wyche! Super Bowls. The whole deal.

After having lunch at The Proud Rooster, a chicken place restaurant in the University of Cincinnati campus area, we headed back to his huge English Tudor home to record this podcast. The house contains some of the most hard to find and vintage strength training artifacts known to mankind. Coach Wood was also one of three co-founders of the Hammer Strength fitness training equipment. Strength training equipment, especially the older stuff, fascinates him. And, so does the National Football League! 
Checkout the podcast for some talk on training...his days with Paul Brown and the Bengals.... and some current chat on the NFL. He's basically an NFL Insider and knows tons about the daily grind of football.

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