2016 ASAP Podcast Kick-Off with Coach Kim Wood

January 10, 2016

Here's our 2016 ASAP Podcast opener with our "most listens" guest, who has made many appearances over the years: Former Cincinnati Bengals Strength Coach Kim Wood. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Upcoming Bowl Games
  • The NFL
  • Head Injury
  • MOVIE REVIEW:  CONCUSSION starring Will Smith
  • NFL Network Special Feature on:    Paul Brown
  • New Univ of Maryland Strength Coach Rick Court
  • Kim Wood's interesting kitchen

ASAP Podcast with Michigan State Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio

November 25, 2015

Summer podcast with Michigan State Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio.

Michigan State Football is rising and one of the secrets is their head coach! He has a tremendous understanding of the game and its players and is always candid and willing to give advice to young coaches!

ASAP Podcast with Washington Nationals Manager Dusty Baker

November 4, 2015

Think you've seen and know a little bit about baseball? Imagine being involved with nearly 5,000 games! That's how much involvement in the game of baseball that today's ASAP Podcast guest Dusty Baker has had. Baker knows the history of the game from his days as a kid...with his own heroes. History of the game as a star player.... History of the game with today's brand of game and players, too. And he has the stories to go with the experience. For example, in this podcast, Dusty talks about some of the "strength training" that the great Hank Aaron did. He also tells about the evolution of strength training in baseball and how different it was. Dusty also has seen the huge changes in the relevance of sports nutrition for players


ASAP Podcast with Kelly White: Mississippi State University Sports Nutrition Dietitian

September 27, 2015

This ASAP Podcast was recorded at Mississippi State University with Kelly White, the Sports Performance Nutritionist for the Bulldogs. 

She started working for the MSU football squad in 2014. We discussed some of the different needs for athletes in training for optimal performance. In addition, we talked about the requirements that have to be met in order to become a dietitian and sports nutritionist.
This podcast is sponsored by TEAMBUILDR the online strength training software that's accessible from any device...anywhere!

ASAP Podcast with Head Strength Coach Rick Court of Mississippi State University

August 2, 2015

Our 2015 ASAP Strength Tour led us once again to America's Deep South. It's a far cry from Vermont or even somewhere like Cincinnati. And, it's downright hot and humid down there! But that doesn't seem to phase the Mississippi State Bulldogs at all. In fact, they seem to thrive in it. One thing is for certain, their opponents better be training for those types of conditions if they're planning a trip to Starkville. 

Anyway, we caught up with Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Rick Court, the guy who masterminds the training regimen for the 'Dawgs. Coach donned a long sleeved white Adidas climate control shirt underneath his official Mississippi State Bulldogs Football shirt. He comes out of the gates at full speed and doesn't stop to catch his breath until a group workout ends. Then, he recharges and is ready to go for the next group. He flat out loves the strength coaching profession. We have known about him since his G.A. days at Bowling Green, then Toledo and San Diego State. Ohio State..... and now he's settled in at Mississippi State. Coach Court has a full grasp of how to prepare college football players and is always willing to share his knowledge of training with other coaches and those involved with college athletics. 
In our ASAP Podcast, Coach Court tells us what the Bulldogs have been up to, information about today's workout session and how they are prepping for the 2015 campaign. 

ASAP Podcast with Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com & FOXSports1 Senior NFL reporter/SiriusXM NFL Radio host

June 27, 2015

Alex Marvez is the SiriusXM NFL Radio host who is also   & FOXSports1 Senior NFL reporter. Alex took a few minutes for this ASAP PODCAST with Ed Cicale while in attendance at Kim Wood's FOOTBALL STRENGTH CLINIC 2015.  The two talk about current issues in the NFL and also neck & head training.

Marvez has the most popular radio show that features the NFL and is always entertaining and informative on what's happening in the National Football League.

Catch his radio shows on:
Sirius XM Radio Channel 88:
7-11pm Monday thru Friday 
2-6pm Saturday
10am till 2pm Sundays
Read his work at FoxSports.com    Follow him:      @alexmarvez

Strength Coach Kim Wood: June 20th 2015

June 20, 2015

Coach Kim Wood is hosting his 5th Annual FOOTBALL STRENGTH CLINIC. Here's a podcast from June 2oth 2015. Coach Kim Wood bangs the drum to call all coaches to the clinic.... and describes whats on tap. 


May 2015 ASAP Podcast with Coach Kim Wood

May 20, 2015

Here's the May 2015 Edition Podcast with one of our regular ASAP PODCAST guests: Coach Kim Wood. 

Coach Wood was the first full time strength coach in the National Football League (NFL) and spent 30 years with the Cincinnati Bengals.
In this podcast, Coach Wood discusses the NFL's "DeflateGate" along with bringing us up to speed on his upcoming clinic.

Team Penske Strength Training Program ASAP Podcast: with Jon Rowan

May 3, 2015

Here's a podcast with the Director of Sports Performance at Penske Racing, JonRowan. We recorded this podcast at a recent strength training seminar held at the Georgia Institute of Technology..... Georgia Tech. 


FOOTBALL STRENGTH .com 2015 Strength Clinic Promo Podcast

April 14, 2015

In what has become an annual event in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kim Wood is having the 5th FOOTBALLSTRENGTH.com training clinic on June 26th & 27th. Anyone working with football athletes...or those involved with sports performance are encourage to attend this clinc. 

Coach Kim Wood is the retired strength coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. He served for 30 years as the first full time strength & conditioning coach in the National Football League.  Now you can meet and discuss football strength training with the coach, as well as coaches from afar. You can also hear from some very knowledgeable coaches who serve as clinic speakers.


The Kim Wood April 2015 Podcast

April 1, 2015

Do you have a vintage 1905 barbell in your kitchen? Kettle bells right next to them... strength training equipment throughout your home? Well, if you're the retired Cincinnati Bengal Strength Coach Kim Wood, you do! Football and strength training have been intertwined into his life. He spent thirty years training NFL Players.... lived the life.... working for Paul Brown....Forrest Gregg... Dick LeBeau Sam Wyche! Super Bowls. The whole deal.

After having lunch at The Proud Rooster, a chicken place restaurant in the University of Cincinnati campus area, we headed back to his huge English Tudor home to record this podcast. The house contains some of the most hard to find and vintage strength training artifacts known to mankind. Coach Wood was also one of three co-founders of the Hammer Strength fitness training equipment. Strength training equipment, especially the older stuff, fascinates him. And, so does the National Football League! 
Checkout the podcast for some talk on training...his days with Paul Brown and the Bengals.... and some current chat on the NFL. He's basically an NFL Insider and knows tons about the daily grind of football.

Michigan State Strength & Conditioning Coach Ken Mannie: Program Philosophy

November 4, 2014

If the strength coaching profession has a John Wooden...he goes by the name: Ken Mannie, and he's in East Lansing, Michigan prepping one of college football's top programs,the Michigan State Spartans.He's a big deal up there.... big enough that the head football coach, Mark Dantonio refers to Mannie as "the heart and soul of Spartan Football."

Just check out the podcast and you'll see why! 

Baseball Strength Training: The SWINGXP with Coach John Philbin Washington Nationals

October 5, 2014

Coach John Philbin of The Washington Nationals also was involved in developing an over weighted bat training device that helps to increase bat speed and train the athlete to bring the bat through the strike zone more efficiently and in a straighter line.. It's an aluminum  bat for youth players, high school and college athletes. It's called the SWINGXP. And it has endorsement as the Official Training Bat of USA Baseball.

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Washington Nationals Baseball Strength Podcast with John Philbin

October 5, 2014

The Washington Nationals won the National League East Division Championship this season, winning 96 ballgames.  So, ASAP caught up with the team's strength and conditioning coach, Joh Philbin for this podcast. Philbin, in his 6th year with the 'Nats, has an interesting career...even having a stint as an Olympic Bobsledder! He has also introduced some new concepts to the Nationals in their training program and continues to improve upon strength training for baseball...even while playing a season of 162 regular season contests. 

Coach Philbin also was involved in developing an over weighted batting training device that helps to increase bat speed and train the athlete to bring the bat through the strike zone more efficiently and in a straighter line.. It's an aluminum  bat for youth players, high school and college athletes. It's called the SWINGXP. And it has endorsement as the Official Training Bat of USA Baseball.


ASAP Podcast with Jose Antonio PhD; Creatine & Nutrition Supplementation

September 9, 2014

We were able to catch up with the Jose Antonio in Columbus, Ohio at the EAS-Sports Nutrition Symposium. Dr. Antonio gave a well received lecture on sports nutrition supplementation...and the practical application and interpretation of scientific literature. Jose is a very candid speaker with interesting stories and definitely practices what he preaches! In fact, he's Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

In this podcast, we discussed primarily Creatine...what it is... how it's used as a supplement.


Ted Lambrinides on the Rocky Boiman Radio Show ESPN1530 Cincinnati

June 20, 2014

Ted Lambrinides on the Rocky Boiman Radio Show ESPN1530 Cincinnati. Ted and Rocky talk about the college training facility boon going on nationwide